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Hey guys! Friendly attention grabber! I will be making some new themes this weekend. I have a lot of free-time with work and school somehow, so I will be funneling it into this! :) reblog/answer with ideas?

Jay Park (Black & Yellow)

This theme was requested by ymginete

It has no dashboard icons because I haven’t recreated my code for the new tumblr style update that they did with the bouncing icons. However, I did just insert the background in for the dash icons so it kind of blends in instead of big white block. 

Anyways, I’M SO SORRY THIS WAS SO LATE. But it’s finished, and I hope you like it! 


-Admin Hate

Hi guys!

I’m so extremely sorry for the absence from this blog. This year has been crazy for me (and all of the admins, I think) and I’d really like to get back into this! 

I’d really appreciate no new requests right now, but I will say that if you have a current pending request and would like it changed to something different, please tell me and I will gladly whip it up for you. As in, if you previously submitted a request and it has not been filled

I’m going to work on a couple tonight and try to get some done! Again, I’m so so sorry! 

Thank you, 

-Admin Hate

p.s. I think I’m the only active admin atm so just keep that in mind. 

GTOP Pink & Blue Dashboard Theme with Icons [Request]

Requested by annaliyz



-Admin Hate

Wonder Girls Pucca Dashboard Theme With Icons [REQUEST]

requested by nobodybutwg



—Admin Hate 

Yeah um! My school term is almost over, hopefully I can finish the requests in the ask…

if you have a request that hasn’t been fulfilled yet and don’t want it anymore, please say so in MY ASK BOX

So sorry about the lack of activity here. ;~~~~~~~;

This site has a large amount of followers, and we all come from different fandoms so

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Please reblog this to all your followers! <3

Choi Sungmin Dashboard Background (NO ICONS)

As requested by jewelikesmaxxieee



—Admin Hate

After School Playgirlz Dashboard Theme With Icons

As requested by afterschoolscreencaps



Kim Ryeowook -Super Junior Dark Theme

This is just the one I made for my personal, but I’m putting it up here for you guys too. 

Screen Shots: